Sunday, February 22, 2009

Couldn't figure out how to turn this picture but it is Benjamin in his new carseat. He has one sock on and one sock off which is how he lives his life. lol he is always content once he gets one off.
This is the pregnant belly at 27 weeks! Definitely showing :)

Bath time fun! Standing up in the bathtub is Benjamin's favorite bath time activity and it scares mom to death!

First Birthday! He was very interested in the candle but not so much the cake. We had to make him try it. He enjoyed touching the frosting but not really eating it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sad Times

Today is a very sad day for our little family. Me and Benjamin came back to Idaho to be close to the obgyn since I just started my last trimester and Jake had to stay out in Chicago to bring home the money for another 7 weeks. I think this is one the hardest things me and Jake have had to go through. Separating a dad from his little boy is just heart wrenching for everyone. I want to cry every time Benjamin looks at me inquiringly and says "dada?". Fortunately there are only 7 weeks left to this craziness and then we can all live in the same house again!!!! Not to mention another sweet little boy! I will soon be one girl in a house of THREE men. Anyone else wanna help me convince Jake we need another girl in this picture? lol

On the bright side while we were in Chicago we saw 'Wicked', went to the "beach" at Lake Michigan, rode the train to and from the city, and spent way too much money at Barnes and Noble. I will be posting pictures soon of our fun times in Chicago.