Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Homer Alaska Pictures

Well pretty much I am lame and can't find my camera charger so you guys will just have to settle with pictures of Homer that other people took. Here is our lovely lighthouse/saloon. haha like most things in Homer there is a bar/alcohol incorporated into the building.

This is what a clear night looks like from our house.

The dock. Quaint right?

One of the many views as you drive around Homer.

This ship grave yard. This abandoned ship is a restaurant during tourist season.

The dock for alive ships.

Yes I was shocked too ..... people surf here. Even in the winter. ummm I just don't understand how these little waves can be worth freezing your ass off but okay.

You can see the spit really clearly in this pictures. The Homer Spit is a hot tourist spot in the summer. It's where the boardwalk is, the surfing and kayaking store etc. It's basically that strip of land that goes out into the bay.

This is pretty much the view from our house.

The town's sign as you drive in.

Friday, November 12, 2010

October 2010

Jake got to Alaska a little over a week ago after encountering snow storms, pot holes, a popped tire and $5 gas prices. I think we may have to live in Alaska for the rest of our days because I never want to move ever again. Don't let me forget! Moving is awful!

Since everyone keeps asking us where Homer is I put up a map. Since it's on the southern coast we never have endless days/nights and the weather is actually quite mild although a little rainy.

After weeks of fiddling with the price, wording and pictures on our ad, as well as posting on ebay, ksl, craigslist and various flyers we finally sold our car. I felt lucky to sell at all and thrilled to get a fair price. She's been a good car though and I definitely was sad to see her go but taking her to Alaska was just not an option. . .

The boys have been having a lot of fun here in Utah. It's been one event after another. I'm a little worried about how I'm ever going to entertain them again after all this excitement. We've been to the dinosaur museum, story time, Barnyard Boo, Corn Festival and the list goes on. These pictures are from the Corn Festival.

The boys had a fun Halloween. It was freezing and raining but that didn't deter us! Benjamin was a cow. Entirely his own choice. I had a costume I love that I picked out but he insisted on the ratty cow costume ... and since really it's HIS costume I let him have his way. It turned out pretty cute.

Henry was adorable as a pumpkin. He didn't really get the candy from strangers thing, which is good, but he did enjoy wandering around people porches and rolling their pumpkins.

Benjamin got the candy trick or treat thing pretty quick but he doesn't seem to understand it's a one night event. He's been asking every evening to dress up as a cow and go trick or treating. Oh the hard lessons a toddler must learn!