Sunday, November 2, 2008

So now we have a blog. Woo hoo.

Jake left for Chicago on Wednesday so now it's just me, Benjamin and the jelly bean. We're living in St. Anthony, Idaho and I'm working a few hours a day at BYU-Idaho. It's pretty insane. Benjamin is 10 months old just over 17lbs and 28 inches. So basically long and skinny. He misses daddy a ton and he's got 7 teeth! He's crawling . . . . . kind of. Also if you get any creepy, heavy breathing calls from my cell, it's Benjamin. I'm due with #2 sometime in May. Benjamin will be a year and 4 months by then. So basically we're a bunch of crazies.

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Esther Noelle said...

Hey Bonnie! You have a blog! And you are PREGNANT! Wow! That is so exciting! I wanted to get pregnant again when Robby was 6 months old.... we started trying when he turned 1.... now he's 20 months and I'm still not pregnant. That's so fun your kids will be close together! How are you feeling?