Sunday, February 22, 2009

Couldn't figure out how to turn this picture but it is Benjamin in his new carseat. He has one sock on and one sock off which is how he lives his life. lol he is always content once he gets one off.
This is the pregnant belly at 27 weeks! Definitely showing :)

Bath time fun! Standing up in the bathtub is Benjamin's favorite bath time activity and it scares mom to death!

First Birthday! He was very interested in the candle but not so much the cake. We had to make him try it. He enjoyed touching the frosting but not really eating it.


clauss house said...

umm I still stand by what I said-way cute prego woman! Oh my gosh, little benjamin is soooooo cute, I can't even stand it, I'm excited to see what baby numero dos is gonna look like! if one blog wasn't enough to keep you up to date with me:) I have another one... I was asked to put pictures up that I'd taken to "showcase my work" since I'm shooting for weddings and stuff now- crazy huh! Anyway hottie, talk to you soon I hope!

Steph said...

So good to see you and your cute little family in these photos. It's been way too long! Your belly is looking super cute. I'm very excited for your baby #2--not much longer now! Benjamin is looking super cute. I sent you a blog invite. If you don't get it, email me at

clauss house said...

oh p.s. benjamin is very good at strategically placing his arm in the right spot for the standing bath picture;)