Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lately in Soldotna

All Bundled up for their crazy mom to go running.
Henry already has his gloves off!

My piano! And Benjamin eating a carrot. haha
I now have three students in my studio.

Benjamin's favorite thing to read. He finds sheet music very interesting for some reason.
He carries this around as if it's some big mystery he's trying to figure out.

Henry is starting to enjoy books!
The boys both love this spooky cars book from their aunty Jamie
and fight over who gets to read it regularly.

Where I run. It's only 3 miles but it hurts like 6.

The ocean a few minutes from where we live. Taken by a friendly hippie out walking her many dogs. It's really pretty but really cold .... especially in February! That is ice that we are standing on. It's uneven because of the tide going in and out as it froze.

Benjamin and Henry.
Sometimes they love each other, sometimes they hate each other.
They must be brothers! I do really enjoy it when they're like this though!

This is the moose that is in our yard more often then not.
He really likes that grass and some of our scraggly bushes.

Benjamin's car. This cubby under the seat has been the cause of great grief for mom.
It has been filled with sugar (picture), eggs, flaxseed meal, the remote control
and many other missing/messy items.
If the kids do something naughty, this car is pretty much always involved.

Me and the kids out by the ocean freezing our tooshies off!
The mountains sure are pretty though.As of March 2011 I am a licensed Kindermusik teacher.
Kindermusik has been a great source of excitement, nerves and stress for me.
It is wayyyyyyyy out of my comfort zone.
I am having to actively advertise and promote myself which is awkward.
In addition to this, I have to teach a class full of toddlers and their mothers,
which can either be extremely fun or extremely disasterous! I am still feeling it out.
Right now I am trying to advertise my first class
and hoping I get enough people to actually have a class....
Jake's really enjoying working at Stanley Ford in Kenai.
He's over their internet marketing and sales. He's very busy. Which we like.....
but we definitely look forward to those days off
although he spends most of his time off trafficking Bonnie around
since she is car-less at the moment.
There's got to be a joke in there somewhere,
the car salesman whose wife has no car...


The Byrd Family said...

I love the update! It's beautiful there, but SO MUCH SNOW! Good for you getting out jogging through the snow. I'm sure that at least doubles the length - especially pushing a stroller through all that! Go Bonnie! Good luck with your teaching - that sounds exciting!

Kathryn said...

Our blog is going private this week! Check my blog on how to get access. Thanks!